Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.E.( Production Engineering Manufacturing Technology)
  • Experience : 5 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Production Management , Lean, Green and Six Sigma

Work Experience

  1. L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad (Aug 2008- July 2009)
  2. Shri S'ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, Bharuch (July 2012 - June 2016)
  3. Government Engineering College, Bharuch ( June 2016 - Till the date)


  1. Coordinator of Scholarships
  2. Committee member of Techfest
  3. Committee member of Annual culture festival.
  4. Departmental Exam Coordinators.


  1. Kayastha, Chintan, and Jaivesh Gandhi. "Optimization of process parameter in turning of copper by combination of taguchi and principal component analysis method." International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 3.6 (2013): 1-6.
  2. Patel, Bhargav C., and Jaivesh Gandhi. "Optimizing and analysis of parameter for pipe welding: A literature review." International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) 2.10 (2013): 229-234.
  3. Deshpande, V., Patil, N. D., Baviskar, V., & Gandhi, J. (2016). Plant layout optimization using CRAFT and ALDEP methodology. Productivity Journal by National Productivity Council57(1), 32-42.
  4. Patil, Nitish D., V. A. Deshpande, and J. Gandhi. "Techniques for Solving Facility Layout Problem: A Survey." Afro-Asian International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology AAICSET. 2015.
  5. Joshi, Saumil K., and Jaivesh D. Gandhi. "Influence of Tool Shoulder Geometry on Friction Stir Welding: A Literature Review." 2nd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Practice.
  6. Gandhi, Jaivesh, Shashank Thanki, and Jitesh J. Thakkar. "An investigation and implementation framework of Lean Green and Six Sigma (LG&SS) strategies for the manufacturing industry in India." The TQM Journal (2021).

Professional institutional Membership

Life time member of Indian Society for Technical Education


  1. Induction Phase-I at NITTTR, Bhopal.
  2. Emerging trends in major thrust areas of "Mechanical Engineering" at Government Engineering College, Bharuch.
  3. Research Methodology :Tools and Techniques at L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad
  4. Multi-objective Optimization Methods for Engineering and Scientific Applications at IITRAM, Ahmedabad
  5. Advanced welding Processes for Titanium and Aluminum alloys  at L.D.College of Engineering ,Ahmedabad
  6. Comprehensive online Intellectual  Property Rights  (IPR) by I-Hub 
  7. MOOC training on SWAYAM  on  "Accreditation for Undergraduate Engineering Programmes".
  8.  Induction Phase-II online training organized by  NITTR ,Bhopal.